Project Description

This is used to moniter the salesman activities. The Dashboard is the easiest way
to view the User’s Perforation like Country Manager, Store Manager, Area Manager,
etc. It gives values like targeting, Radio, Earning, etc. and the dashboard will be
displayed.In this we use HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, js and Jqplot.
It’s Fully Responsible Design.


Customer Support

We Will Give 24x7 Customer Support to
all Our Customers.

Dashboard UI

We Always Create User Interface with Customizable Design. Also The Designs are Made with Extra Care for Ease of Use.

Software and Hardware

We are Working with the Platform that all Types of Computers will Support.Special Hardware Specs are not needed.

Delivery of Project

The Projects are Delivered at the Correct Time without any Hesitation.

Project Maintanence

The Project Should be Maintained by Our Employees by Every Month After the Delivery of Project.


Our Project is Easy to Use. It Is More User Friendly as Compared with any Other Softwares.

and more...

The Price is Based on the Requirement Of Software and the Time for the Project Completion.

What is Dashboard

A Dashboard is a UserInterface that, SomeWhat resembling an Automobile's Dashboard, Organizes and Presents Information in a Way that is Easy to Read.

In Our Project We Create an Interactive Dashboard for The Individual Sales Analysis, Area Analysis, Cost Analysis and Gives Report by Chart and Other Models. The Users Have Logged in With Their Individual Accounts and They Can able to See the Analysis Details.

DashBorad Detailed Features

In Our Project Dashboard, There are many Features that we added for the Ease of Customers.

In DashBoard We Create Statistical and Analytical Data Model Analysis by Chart Form.
We also Add a Feature that Log In for all Employees with their Analysis Chart.
Different Forms are also provided on the basis of Analysis.
There is More Secure Log In for Users.

DashBoard Gallery

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