Project Description

The Point of sales management software which works with a range of industry standard POS hardware. It has simple UI and suitable for small business. Powerful inventory management that simplifies purchase orders, stock management and sales.

Our Features

Customer Support

Unique bond with customers

Stand Alone

Faster Performance


Interaction smart usage


Maintaing a huge data package


easy & intuitive

Stock Maintenance

Regular backup & storage capacity


Connecting consumer & customer


Perfect print progress

and more...



Sales Return


Current Stock


Multi User

A new approach to a multi-user point of sale system takes advantage of the Internet to link the stations.Each POS station has an Internet connection and runs the program. Data is combined on the servers of the company providing the software.

Typical Multi-user System that are used in this POS are File Server,POS stations,Networking Software,Wireless Networking.Shared storage of information gathered by each computer,allow access to all stored information, Shared use printers or other devices.

Print Faster

By draft mode printing from Windows we just use the Generic/Text Only driver that ships with Windows. That will send plain text to the printer. It's even possible to send commands to the printer to set special printer modes.

Generated reports are printed clearly and faster by generic text method.