Project Description

Automobile repair shops are shops specializing in certain parts such as brakes,
mufflers and exhaust systems, transmissions,body parts, tires,
automobile electrification,automotive air conditioner repairs, automotive glass
repairs and installation,and wheel alignment or those who only work on certain
brands of vehicle or vehicles from certain continents of the world.

Serivce creation, work order processing status, delivery status, service updation at any time, customer management, service alert, ect can be done simply using MGarage application. Once the service is done, invoice can be generated and print can be given directly from the application. Also we can add multiple vehicles to a single customer. Service reminder/alter will be sent to the customers mobile number as well as email and also the garage will get the alert.

What is CRM ....

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management.

Goals of CRM are:

  • To provide better customer service & in the process gain loyal customers.
  • These loyal customers should be nurtured to long-term profitable customers.
  • To cross sell products more effectively.
  • Get new customers from existing customers through referrals.
  • To provide support lifeline to salespeople.